Monday, December 14, 2009

Yet another bug

This is beginning to get really annoying. This design is supposed to be done, and these circuit boards, having all the corrections of the previous revision, are all supposed to work. I'm beginning to feel like Michael Corleone in 'Godfather'..."every time I think I'm out, they drag me back in..."

This one is a wireless comunications problem. It works... just not consistently, like the previous versions. Once more into the breach... drag out the oscilloscope, voltmeter, schematics, layout drawings....

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  1. Norm, you might not suspect it, but I like reading these little bits on the challenges of your work. They remind me of a dear friend, now deceased, who worked in resistance welding and power controls (in New England). Whenever he’d come across a tricky problem, he’d go on about all the different approaches, love to try to explain it in layman terms—which he was pretty good at. He loved his work and I loved that he shared his passion for it, like a boy excited over an elaborate Erector Set contraption. I miss him.
    I like that you include this on your blog...