Monday, December 21, 2009

Not an ordinary cold

I figured that I had simply caught a cold from either my 4 month old granddaughter, or my 2 year old grand-nephew, both of whom have had the usual winter colds in the last few weeks. So after playing with both of them last weekend (with the usual drool and wet kisses, etc), I figured that Monday morning's sore throat, tingling ears, and general malaise were just ordinary symptoms.

But it got progressively worse during the week. I figured I could hold off until tomorrow, when I happened to have my annual physical scheduled... but Saturday and Sunday were much worse.... the aching chest from the coughing, and the sore throat and painful ears, were so bad, I resorted to some Percocet left over from my knee surgery last year. Gotta admit, it worked wonderfully, and at least I was able to be comfortable yesterday.... albeit asleep for much of the day and evening.

So, I'm in my office, waiting for a call-back from my doctor... hoping he can fit me in today. There are no more pain-killers, so unless he is able to diagnose an infection or something treatable with an antibiotic, I'm going to be in misery until this thing lifts.

UPDATE: The Doc says it's a bacterial bronchitis, and that's a good thing, because if it were viral, it would take a lot longer to resolve. I started Azithromycin yesterday, and feel slightly better today... it's been eight days now. Hoping I'll feel a LOT better tomorrow.

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