Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tragically un-hip

Let's face it: a 58 year old father and grandfather isn't likely to be viewed as especially contemporaneous, in the eyes of his children. I still don't know what a 'schizzle' is. I can't name a rap song, other than the ones Wierd Al Yankovic has parodied. When 'Entertainment Tonight' comes on the TV, I've never heard of the vast majority of celebrities that they are scooping. My favorite movies are B&W films of the 1940's, and neither of my daughters will even attempt to watch a black & white film. When they Skype me while I'm in my office, I'm usually wearing a headband-mounted magnifier (needed for circuit board work), which they call my 'geek glasses'.

However, I'm not quite that bad... I own a TiVo, an iPod, and iPhone, a Kindle, and an HDTV. This doesn't place me in the pantheon of hip, but it at least doesn't leave me in the dust. I'm also big on email, Skype, and text messaging, so we do have a few things in common.

For the first time, though, I think I'm ahead of the curve!

I've been into acapella for the past two or three years; my iPod probably has at least 50 acapella pieces on it. My daughters have paid no attention. Yet, this week, NBC launched a miniseries of sorts, a contest among acapella groups. For once, my interests have led the awareness of the masses!


  1. I don't even know what 'Skype' is. That's how tragically unhip I am.

  2. That makes me feel SOOOO much better! :)

    Skype, by the way, is a way of doing videophone communications over the Internet. If you've got a laptop with a webcam, or even a desktop with a webcam, you too can become a little less tragically unhip. I use it every day... my daughter calls me every morninig so I can say hi to my 4 month old granddaughter, and my sister in Alabama uses it to keep in touch with most of the family up here in Massachusetts. I even use it for business, Skype-ing with a mechanical designer in Taiwan. Give it a try, it's very cool.