Thursday, December 10, 2009

Welcome to my new blog

I love to write, even if nobody is reading. Sure, like all aspiring, or even casual, writers, I like to get feedback on what I write. Does anyone agree? Disagree? Have I made anyone angry? Have I enlightened anyone? In all likelyhood, I won't get that feedback, because I started this blog purely for myself, as a writing excercise.

The impetus for starting this blog came from being banned in my usual forum for reacting badly when provoked... something I'm not proud of, but not sorry for, either. So, if you wandered in here by accident, or even if you know me from other websites, relax and enjoy. Feel free to disagree with me. It's all good, you know. I'll be civil, and hope that you will, too.


  1. I hope you'll share some of your literary aspirations...perhaps an excerpt here and there?

  2. Hey Norm - I'll be reading. Sorry you're on a time-out; missed the blow-up, but these things have a wearisome sameness anyhow.



  3. Thanks to both of ya.... Tom, I think it really is a blessing in disguise. I guess I needed a break.

    Bridget: I'm going to post an excerpt... drop in from time to time.