Monday, December 28, 2009


I ordinarily shiver when people talk about 'values'. Most often, it's a word which is loaded with double meanings; 'my' values, not 'your' values... usually applied by some right wing conservative, most often to try to impose some religious or political viewpoint on others.

However, I've been seeing some TV ads lately, credited to 'www.forbetterlife'org', which seemed genuinely innocent, and quite beautifully done, so I did a little digging. Eventually, it led me to, which at first, caught me by surprise.

It represents an organization called 'Foundation for a Better Life', and after exhaustively searching, I find nothing sinister or hidden about it. It claims to be privately and anonymously funded, doesn't accept donations, doesn't have a link to any other similar organizations, and is not affiliated with any religion... yet it expounds on a long list of 'values' for which I think no one could find fault. The ads and billobards it produces are beautiful, with simple, heartfelt sentiments, and very high production values.

For several years now, I've often engaged in heated debates with religious folks who argue that my agnosticism means that I have no moral absolutes, and therefore can't appreciate values.

The stuff on this site proves them wrong.

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